Marine AC in Boca Raton, Fort Pierce, Key West, Marathon, Pompano Beach, and Port St. Lucie, FL

Boat Ice Maker for Key West, FLFlorida is hot. Hot and humid. This makes a dangerous situation. We all know someone that has gotten sick or even collapsed in the Florida heat. Even the healthiest, most “in shape” individual needs to be aware of certain steps to ensure safety when overheated. One is to get the individual out of the heat. But is that always possible on a boat? Yes, it is.

There are three types of marine AC units available. Some boats will come with some sort of marine AC already installed but if you are anywhere in the southeast US (or anywhere worldwide with hot weather), you need to look into the options of installing marine AC in your boat or yacht. The smallest unit available is the self-contained units. These little marine AC units can easily be hidden under a sofa or put in a locker. But, don’t be fooled about their output. The self-contained marine AC unit will easily cool a room or cabin with minimal water drainage required. So easy to add to any existing boat, a self-contained unit is an easy addition that will extend your days on the boat as well as comfort.

The next marine AC system is a split system. Similar to a traditional air conditioner you may already have in your home, this system has a cooling unit usually located in an engine room. As opposed to a self-contained unit, the split system will produce enough air to cool multiple cabins through a ducting system. Full day and overnight days on the water have just gotten easier! The last of the three is the chilled water system. Usually found on boats longer than 50’, these units blow air over chilled water. Like the split system, this is another marine AC unit located in the engine room and the air handlers ducted throughout the boat. Energy efficient and quiet, this is a popular marine AC option for larger boats and yachts.

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